Jun 25 2012

Are you looking for Icons? Here is a site for you!

Icons are necessary for many applications in todays world.  If you are looking for well designed icons or just to get ideas for your own designs, visit “Icon Finder”.  You will find your ideal icon!

find nice design icons for commercial use free

>> IconFinder

Jun 4 2012

Are you curious how designers’, other creative people’s desk look like?

Do you work at home? or Are you spending most time at your desk?  You might get some inspiration or new ideas to add something to your work space after you visit this site, DESK!   This site, DESK, shows photos of some home offices that belong to some very creative people. There are designers, illustrators, artists, photographers and other digital savvy creative people.  It’s  always interesting to look into another world and see how other creative workspaces are organized.

stuffs gadgets accessories around desk designer home offices


Jun 4 2012

Fashion Designer Database!

Are you fashion savvy?  or an aspiring fashion designer?  If you are, or you’re just interested in newly inspired clothes and accessories, check out this site: Lookk.  You can browse through the latest designer collection photos and possibly even find a new favorite fashion designer.

>> lookk

Jun 17 2011

Do you need e-commerce for your site to sell your art or photograph?

If you are artist, designer or photographer and trying to add e-commerce to sell your products on your website, but you don’t know how, please check out FOTOMOTO.  It’s easy to add e-commerce to your website.  You just need to pay print cost and 15% of deduction fee from your sales.  They do other stuffs, print, packs, shipment.


Mar 4 2011

Have you heard “itasha” or “moesha” (Car with Anime decoration)?

Itasha (moesha) is a car which is decorated with lots of Manga, Anime characters. It is very popular among Otaku (Manga, Anime nerd) in Japan. Please see these sites to see more details.

>> Culture Japan

>> Itasha.net

>> Flicker-Itasha