Nov 4 2012

Best Interactive periodic table of elements and Chemistry!

Are you studying Chemistry or other subjects where you need to use the periodic table?  Try this Interactive Periodic Table.  You can check the explanations in wikipedia, in photos, or in videos, for each element.

>> ptable

Here is cool 3d periodic table!

cool design interactive 3d periodic table

>> three.js

Oct 20 2012

Population Pyramid

Are you interested in annual global population trends? Population Pyramid has a created an easy to read, visual, interactive pyramid graph. It’s a great way to comprehensively understand population trends in different countries and regions around the world.

population pyramid around the world

>> Population Pyramids

Aug 23 2011

Learn how to program step by step

Are you interested in programming?  Do you want to make your own iPhone or iPad applications?  Even if you don’t have any programming experience, Codeacademy, is a great place to start programming.  It is easy to use, has a well designed interface and best of all, it is FREE!  Take a look today and discover for yourself how fun programing can be.

>> CodeAcademy

Aug 23 2011

How to site: ifixit is a perfect companion for your handy-man

There are many do-it-yourself sites.  This ‘ifixit’ site is easily one of the best for people who want to try to repair their own Mac, iPhone, Camera and other home vehicle and appliances.  The site has very detailed pictures and descriptions that walk you through the repair step by step.  Let’s fix it by ourselves!

>> ifixit

Jul 1 2011

Do you like watching documentary films?

Here are the great documentary film sites!

>> SnagFilms

>> History

>> FilmForAction

>> PBS

>> National Geographic Channel

>> NFB

>> Sprword

>> documentaryHeaven

>> freedocumentaries