Dec 8 2013

Relax and Meditate with Soothing Nature Sounds

As technology becomes more advanced, new social media, news and entreatment sites are introduced.  People are busy reading, watching, listening and posting to those media sites.  However, you need to rest your eyes, brain and body.  naturesoundsfor.me allows you to find your favourite soothing sounds and mix them yourself to make your very own ambient music.  You can also check out other people’s mixes.  If you like your mix, you can download it for free!




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Feb 7 2011

Know your facts on health and safety

Health and Safety are very important in our everyday lives. How do I protect myself against diseases? What should I do after I get injured? Do I need to take a vaccine before I travel? You can find the answer to these questions and others at: “CDC.gov” This site provides direct access to many important health and safety questions you may have, scientific articles, statistics, tools and resources – there are over 900 topics to choose from in the CDC.gov A-Z Index.

>> CDC.gov

Feb 7 2011

Are you a runner or walker?

Exercise is an essential element to sustain our body functions and to promote good health. An easy and inexpensive form of fitness is walking or running. “Walk Score” and “Runnerplus” are good sites to help you to walk or run to success.

>> RunnerPlus

>> WalkScore

Feb 7 2011

Worried about how many calories you’re consuming?

Are you regretting that you ate too much? Perhaps, you are worried about what you can eat at a restaurant? You can find out how many calories you just obtained on this site “CalorieLab”. This site has huge data base of food and covers many foods that you would find on a restaurants menu. You can also find out how many calories you can burn from specific activities.

>> CalorieLab

Feb 7 2011

Questions, Discussion and Information about Pregnancy

Having a baby is exciting, but having your first baby can be nerve racking. Educating yourself and sharing with others during your pregnancy is uplifting and encouraging. Pregnancy.org is a way to connect with a community of expecting parents, new parents and experts on conception and pregnancy. Take a look at Pregnancy.org for any questions you may have regarding your pregnancy.

>> Pregnancy.org

>> for parenting