Oct 23 2012

Instant Ramen Review site!! The Ramen Rater!

Raman popularity is on the rise and with this surge of intrest there is also a surge of products.  With new brands of packaged ramens and new ramen shops popping up all over, how can you navigate this noodlishious world?
Enter the Ramen Rater.  The Ramen Rater has been hard at work collecting and sampling world Ramens for the past ten years!  The Ramen Rater is a blog that is still developing it’s FAQ and Glossary of terms, but it is full of ramen content.
Are you looking for a new brand of ramen to try?  Take a look at the top ten lists.  Are you curious if you will like a type of Ramen?  Type your key word into the search bar.  Want to find a good ramen within a price range?  Click on the category bar and choose your price range or browse through the dozens of other ramen categories.  The Ramen Rater is truly a slice of ramen heven here on earth.
instant ramen rating review site
If you want to see Japanese Instant Ramens, check this site below!  (The site is in Japanese)
japanese instant ramen noodle rating review

Jun 4 2012

Are you curious how designers’, other creative people’s desk look like?

Do you work at home? or Are you spending most time at your desk?  You might get some inspiration or new ideas to add something to your work space after you visit this site, DESK!   This site, DESK, shows photos of some home offices that belong to some very creative people. There are designers, illustrators, artists, photographers and other digital savvy creative people.  It’s  always interesting to look into another world and see how other creative workspaces are organized.

stuffs gadgets accessories around desk designer home offices


Feb 15 2011

Cool modern architecture, furniture, interior design sites!!

>> The CoolHunter

>> CoolHunting

>> designboom

>> architizer


>> ArchDaily

Feb 8 2011

Close a bag without using a clip tip!

This is a great Tip! You don’t need anything aside from the bag you wish to close. You just need to roll down the top part of the bag a few times and fold both corners inwards and then flip the main fold back over top of the tucked in corners.

Feb 8 2011

Quick T-shirt folding Tip!

You can be a T-shirt folding professional with this Tip!
Grab right blue dot with your right hand and middle dot with your left hand and move your right hand to far left dot and grab it, then hold it up. Easy!

how to fold T-shirt