Dec 8 2013

Compatible Code References for Web Browsers

Obtaining better technologies and devices is a good thing. However, for web developers, these new technologies can be a bit of a pain. They need to write new code, adapt to new screen sizes, new devises, tablets, and new versions of web browsers. It’s getting more complicated to find which browsers and devises support specific codes. Here is a site to help you. caniuse.com can tell you which versions of web browsers are supporting the code you want to write.


>> Can I use…

May 16 2013

Thinking about learning programming?

Are you interested in making Mobile App’s, Web sites, or possibly a Blog? You need to do some basic programming to be able to understand and really enhance your designs. If you haven’t started to learn programming yet, you should visit these sites: code.org and tryobjectivec.codeschool.com . These are free sites that teach basic programming in really fun and approachable ways.


>> Code.org


>> tryobjectivec.codeschool.com

Aug 21 2012

DIY iPad Stand!

Jul 2 2012

Need help sorting through internet images? Use a Visual Timeline!

Do you have to do some visual research?  Many projects ranging from Graphic Design to Concept Art require researching images. However, searching through piles of google images and other visual media can take a lot of time and effort.  Make it easier on yourself by using a timeline!  “Photo Timeline” is super fun.  It allows you to search any subject by it’s visual appearance over the course of time.  “Dipity” is another great way search images.  Like Wikidpeadia, the viewers update the database; the difference is found in it’s layout.  “Dipity” uses a visual timeline to layout all of the information you seek.    Visual timelines, a better way to search for the information you need.

>> Photo Timeline

>> Dipity

Jun 25 2012

Are you looking for Icons? Here is a site for you!

Icons are necessary for many applications in todays world.  If you are looking for well designed icons or just to get ideas for your own designs, visit “Icon Finder”.  You will find your ideal icon!

find nice design icons for commercial use free

>> IconFinder