Feb 18 2012

No Photo Editing software? No problem!

Do you need to edit your photo, but you don’t have any image editing software on your computer?  Here is a site for you!  iaza is a free image converting site.  You just need to upload your photo and choose what effects you want to apply to your photo.  It’s simple and easy!

>> iaza

Jun 17 2011

Do you need e-commerce for your site to sell your art or photograph?

If you are artist, designer or photographer and trying to add e-commerce to sell your products on your website, but you don’t know how, please check out FOTOMOTO.  It’s easy to add e-commerce to your website.  You just need to pay print cost and 15% of deduction fee from your sales.  They do other stuffs, print, packs, shipment.


May 14 2011

Do you need motivation to make your ideas happen?

Do you have great ideas?  However you haven’t been able to act to make your ideas to happen?  If you need great motivation or some  successful innovators’ words to push you forward, visit “the99percent”.  Stop procrastinating and act now!

>> The 99 Percent

Apr 2 2011

What is “itamado”?!

A few posts ago, GreatTipsAndHints wrote about “itasha“.  Now, Danny Choo, spreading information about Japanese pop culture to the world, introduced “itamado”.  Is itamado going to be another hit within Japanese pop culture? Check Danny Choo’s site to see what “itamado” is.

>> DannyChoo itamado

Mar 4 2011

Have you heard “itasha” or “moesha” (Car with Anime decoration)?

Itasha (moesha) is a car which is decorated with lots of Manga, Anime characters. It is very popular among Otaku (Manga, Anime nerd) in Japan. Please see these sites to see more details.

>> Culture Japan

>> Itasha.net

>> Flicker-Itasha