Nov 25 2012

Live Airplane Traffic site!

Many people know that Google maps offer traffic views and also other traffic maps of your city.   However, have you seen an airplane traffic site?  flightradar24 gives you very detailed air traffic information!  When you click on a little airplane icon you can see flight information, including the place of departure, the airline, current altitude etc.  It’s a very powerful travel tool!

>> FlightRadar24

Jul 2 2012

Need help sorting through internet images? Use a Visual Timeline!

Do you have to do some visual research?  Many projects ranging from Graphic Design to Concept Art require researching images. However, searching through piles of google images and other visual media can take a lot of time and effort.  Make it easier on yourself by using a timeline!  “Photo Timeline” is super fun.  It allows you to search any subject by it’s visual appearance over the course of time.  “Dipity” is another great way search images.  Like Wikidpeadia, the viewers update the database; the difference is found in it’s layout.  “Dipity” uses a visual timeline to layout all of the information you seek.    Visual timelines, a better way to search for the information you need.

>> Photo Timeline

>> Dipity

Feb 18 2012

Seeing is believing!

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words and that can not be more true when you look at these amazing photo journalist’s work. Rediscover history by viewing some incredible moments frozen in time. From present day events such as the devastating earthquake in Haiti to historic scenes such as the bombing of Hiroshima, these sites give us a unique glimpse into another moment in time. Enjoy rediscovering the world through these amazing photos.

>> The Big Picture

>> TotallyCoolPix

>> The Sacramento Bee

>> The First Post


>> Slate

Aug 23 2011

How to site: ifixit is a perfect companion for your handy-man

There are many do-it-yourself sites.  This ‘ifixit’ site is easily one of the best for people who want to try to repair their own Mac, iPhone, Camera and other home vehicle and appliances.  The site has very detailed pictures and descriptions that walk you through the repair step by step.  Let’s fix it by ourselves!

>> ifixit

Jul 1 2011

Do you like watching documentary films?

Here are the great documentary film sites!

>> SnagFilms

>> History

>> FilmForAction

>> PBS

>> National Geographic Channel

>> NFB

>> Sprword

>> documentaryHeaven

>> freedocumentaries