Oct 20 2012

Population Pyramid

Are you interested in annual global population trends? Population Pyramid has a created an easy to read, visual, interactive pyramid graph. It’s a great way to comprehensively understand population trends in different countries and regions around the world.

population pyramid around the world

>> Population Pyramids

Feb 18 2012

Do you want to create a Morse code sentence?

Morse code was created for early radio communication before it was possible to transmit the voice.  This site, Morse.js, can create any Morse code sentence for you!  Just type your words in and click play.  It couldn’t be easier!

>> Morse.js

May 14 2011

Where is the closest gas station with the lowest price?

Gas prices are soaring again. It can really hurt if you drive a lot. However, Gasbuddy helps you to find cheapest gas near you! You can check out gas stations in the U.S and Canada; also, you can download a free Gasbuddy app for your iphone or other mobile phones!

>> GasBuddy

Mar 14 2011

Emergency Kit List

The huge 9.0 Magnitude earthquake hit the North part of Japan few days ago.  The after shock can still be felt in that area.  As you have seen on the news,  many people have died because of the massive Tsunami.  People who have survived this Tsunami, evacuated quickly to high hills or the top of the concrete buildings.

These situations always arise in a moments notice.  Although, we can not prevent the disaster, with a little forward thinking and planning, you can be a little better prepared if you ever find yourself in a similar natural disaster.  Try to keep an emergency kit in your car or close to your planned escape route so that you are able to grab it in a moments notice.

Here is a list for items to include in your Emergency Kit


– Money, Credit Card, Debit Card

– ID, Driver licence, Passport( If you live in oversees)

– Health Insurance Card

– Lists of phone numbers you need to call(family, friends, relatives, your company, Emergency numbers, Your country’s embassy, etc)

– Evacuation map(hospitals, evacuation places, etc)

– Pictures of your family (If you need to find them, you can show their faces)

– Mobile phone

– hand-powered emergency charger for  your Cell phone

– LED portable light with Hand-operated Charger

– Radio device with Hand-operated Charger

– Mirror ( You can use it as SOS sign using reflection of the Sun light)

– Whistle for SOS

– Flare

– Toilet paper

– Towels

– Water bottles

– Emergency Foods (chocolate, dried fruit, etc)

– Can opener

– Rain coat

– Gloves

– Garbage bags

– Plastic wrap

– Rope

– Blanket

– Newspaper (for multi purposes, putting them between your clothes to keep you warm, make fire, etc)

– Glasses, contact lens

– Medicine

– Sanitary napkins (you can use it to stop bleeding)

-Water proof matches

-Small pocket knife

-Water purification tablets


If you have an iphone or another smart mobile device which is app capable, install the “Emergency Aid” or “Survival” apps .  Twitter has an app that also helps you by providing a live feed from major media companies, News Paper, Radio, TV, Government,  and the City.


Feb 8 2011

Here is a Tip to find treasure!

Did you know that some old pennies worth thousands dollars?! We often think that pennies are worthless, but there are some rare pennies and other coins worth more than the imprinted value. You might even have some of these coins in a jar at home or in your pockets! Here is a link to a site that shows you which coins are valuable now. You can find other countries old coin values from other sites as well. Just enter the keywords “old coin values” or ” rare coins” and the country that you want to search into your search field.

rare old coins penny

>> us-coin-values-advisor.com