Nov 25 2012

Bunch of useless websites?!

Are you getting bored?  Do you have nothing to do now?  If you are, would you like to explore some useless websites?  They may amuse you for a while… Visit theuselessweb.com to kill time and have some fun.

>> The Useless Web

Jun 25 2012

Have you had bad experiences with your clients? You’re not alone!

With many jobs, you will need to interact with customers at some point.  Unfortunately, we have all experienced a difficult client.   Visit “Clients From Hell” to share stories with fellow workers from around the web.

clients from hell

>> Clients from Hell

Feb 18 2012

No Photo Editing software? No problem!

Do you need to edit your photo, but you don’t have any image editing software on your computer?  Here is a site for you!  iaza is a free image converting site.  You just need to upload your photo and choose what effects you want to apply to your photo.  It’s simple and easy!

>> iaza

Feb 18 2012

Do you want to create a Morse code sentence?

Morse code was created for early radio communication before it was possible to transmit the voice.  This site, Morse.js, can create any Morse code sentence for you!  Just type your words in and click play.  It couldn’t be easier!

>> Morse.js

Dec 11 2011

Welcome to Cosplay world!

Dressing up as characters from video games, animes, mangas and even movies is growing in popularity around the world.  People used to only dress up in costumes for Halloween, or if you were fortunate enough to be invited, to a costume party.  However, lots of Cosplay events are being held in many places now.  Are you a Cosplayer?   Are you interested in becoming a Cosplayer?  Let’s take a look what Cosplayers around world are dressing like!

>> Cure

>> Akiba Souken

>> cosplay.com

>> Cosplayers Archive

>> Cosplay Photograph Search