Dec 4 2011

Do you ever want to see what really good TV commercials or ads look like?

TV commercials maybe short but they can be jam packed with very creative, funny and impressive ideas.  Directors and companies of commercials spend a lot of time to present viewers with ideas or communicate messages for products and or organizations.    Here are the sites showing great creative commercials.

>> Ads of the World

>> Very Funny Ads

Dec 3 2011

Have you ever had to dash to the washroom during a movie?

Most people have experienced a moment during a movie where they had to make a quick run to the toilet.  It can be so disappointing to come back and your friend mentions that you missed a really good part.  Although we can’t find a site to improve the size of your bladder, we can find a site that shows you when the good moments to go to washroom are.   Visit “RunPee.com” before you go to the theatre!


Jul 1 2011

Do you like watching documentary films?

Here are the great documentary film sites!

>> SnagFilms

>> History

>> FilmForAction

>> PBS

>> National Geographic Channel

>> NFB

>> Sprword

>> documentaryHeaven

>> freedocumentaries

Apr 2 2011

What is “itamado”?!

A few posts ago, GreatTipsAndHints wrote about “itasha“.  Now, Danny Choo, spreading information about Japanese pop culture to the world, introduced “itamado”.  Is itamado going to be another hit within Japanese pop culture? Check Danny Choo’s site to see what “itamado” is.

>> DannyChoo itamado

Mar 11 2011

Are you getting bored? Try spinning your pen!

Nothing to do?  Try Pen Spinning!  If you have a pen, you can do it.  These sites show basic tricks to very advanced pen spinning techniques.  Now you have the best party trick as well!  Enjoy!

>> Tricks
>> Combo


>> Normal
>> Sonic
>> Gunman
>> Pass
>> Infiniti


>> Pen Spinning Information