May 16 2013

Time to replace your car?

Gas prices getting high?  Scared of buying a Lemon? It’s good to check which car has better fuel efficiency before you make your purchase.  It’s also a good idea to check on what other people have to say about the car your thinking of purchasing.  Is the car your concidering a good model?  Was it a good year for that manufacturer?  Make it easy on yourself and check this site: CarComplaints.com  It’s easy to navigate and 10 minuets investigating your future can could save you a lot of trouble down the road.


>> CarComplaints.com

Jun 4 2012

Fashion Designer Database!

Are you fashion savvy?  or an aspiring fashion designer?  If you are, or you’re just interested in newly inspired clothes and accessories, check out this site: Lookk.  You can browse through the latest designer collection photos and possibly even find a new favorite fashion designer.

>> lookk

Feb 7 2011

Energy and money saving Tip!

Electricity, water, and gas are essential for the operation of our appliances. However, if you like to think green and use energy efficient products then Sust-it net is the site for you. Sust-it.net shows you comparisons between all of the various appliances and models. They are ranked according to which is the most energy efficient. Before you buy, you should check this site out! You can save energy and money!

>> sust-it.net

Feb 7 2011

Mortgage Calculators

When you buy a house or condo, you need to know how much your monthly mortgage payments are going to be. Here is a site that provides you with specialized calculators to help you determine your: Amortization amount, Mortgage Qualification, Biweekly payments, How much can you borrow, an ARM Refinance calculator and more.

>> MortgageSum

Feb 6 2011

Here is a tip to wisely buy products!