Feb 6 2011

Do you know how to find hidden items one eBay?

I think most people have heard about eBay. Maybe, you are selling things, or buying items off of eBay. Although, did you know that there are many hidden items on ebay? This web site “Fat Fingers” has a search engine to find items with misspelled names or descriptions. It is quite amazing how many products are listed with descriptions and or titles with a misspelled word.

>> FatFingers

Feb 6 2011

Here is the tip to get a discount! : Coupons

How often do you use coupons? If you use them wisely, you can save a good amount of money. The advertisement between the newspapers and fliers are not only sources to find coupons. You can find hundreds of coupons online. Here are some sites with coupons you can print off to bring with you next time you go shopping.

To find more coupon web sites, just do a search with words like “online coupons”, “free coupons”, and “coupon codes”.

Feb 6 2011

Time to buy new car?

Getting a new car is very exciting. However, it can be hard to find a right car for your needs. CarZen and VLane help you find the ideal car for you! You can choose to search from a number of categories including: type, brand, price, and your usage needs.

>> CarZen

>> VLane

Feb 6 2011

Gift ideas and wish lists

Are you looking for presents for Christmas, a birthday, a wedding or maybe even a baby shower? Searching for gifts on the internet is a good way to find your ideal gifts. If you use the “wishpot” tool, you can make a wish or gift list easily. You can search for popular gifts by gender, age, price, and category. It’s free to sign up. You just need to sign up and add the “add to wishpot” tool to your browser.

>> WishPot.