Nov 25 2012

Bunch of useless websites?!

Are you getting bored?  Do you have nothing to do now?  If you are, would you like to explore some useless websites?  They may amuse you for a while… Visit theuselessweb.com to kill time and have some fun.

>> The Useless Web

Nov 25 2012

Live Airplane Traffic site!

Many people know that Google maps offer traffic views and also other traffic maps of your city.   However, have you seen an airplane traffic site?  flightradar24 gives you very detailed air traffic information!  When you click on a little airplane icon you can see flight information, including the place of departure, the airline, current altitude etc.  It’s a very powerful travel tool!

>> FlightRadar24

Nov 13 2012

Thinking about career change?

Are you seeking some career advice? Well, here is a site that can help you. Salary.com has many little programs designed to help you with your career. Although the main job engine is focused solely on the United States, Salary.com’s many career applications can help everyone. Choose between their personal Salary Report, Salary Wizard Pro, Job Valuation Report, Career Archetype Test and the Salary Wizard Advanced Features. This site can help you plot your course if you are at the beginning of your career, the middle or even at the end of your Career journey. The Archetype test can help you evaluate if you are on the right path or what a good choice would be if you wanted to choose another career. Salary.com even has a fun how long will it take you to become a millionaire calculator. There is deffinatley a lot of worth while information packed into this site and it’s definitely worth exploring.

salary wage company occupation average list

>> Salary.com

Nov 4 2012

Best Interactive periodic table of elements and Chemistry!

Are you studying Chemistry or other subjects where you need to use the periodic table?  Try this Interactive Periodic Table.  You can check the explanations in wikipedia, in photos, or in videos, for each element.

>> ptable

Here is cool 3d periodic table!

cool design interactive 3d periodic table

>> three.js

Oct 23 2012

Instant Ramen Review site!! The Ramen Rater!

Raman popularity is on the rise and with this surge of intrest there is also a surge of products.  With new brands of packaged ramens and new ramen shops popping up all over, how can you navigate this noodlishious world?
Enter the Ramen Rater.  The Ramen Rater has been hard at work collecting and sampling world Ramens for the past ten years!  The Ramen Rater is a blog that is still developing it’s FAQ and Glossary of terms, but it is full of ramen content.
Are you looking for a new brand of ramen to try?  Take a look at the top ten lists.  Are you curious if you will like a type of Ramen?  Type your key word into the search bar.  Want to find a good ramen within a price range?  Click on the category bar and choose your price range or browse through the dozens of other ramen categories.  The Ramen Rater is truly a slice of ramen heven here on earth.
instant ramen rating review site
If you want to see Japanese Instant Ramens, check this site below!  (The site is in Japanese)
japanese instant ramen noodle rating review